About Us

Ridderman Oil is a family owned and operated business with a rich history of over 40 years. We supply the majority of Grand Rapids, Kalamazzo and Plainwell, MI with fuel, oil, and lubricants to keep your cars, trucks and ATVs running! You can find us at two local BP stores, truck stops, as well as our warehouse.

Not only do we make sure that your automobiles continue to pound the pavement, we want to make sure that your farms are running efficiently as well. With harvesting, we all know time is money. Making sure that your equipment is running at its best is extremely important. You can count on Ridderman Oil to keep your Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids farm’s gas tanks full.

Interested in purchasing wholesale gas, or want to know where you can find non-ethanol gas? Give Ridderman Oil a call today!

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We offer competitive pricing for your non-ethanol, diesel fuel and lubricant needs- call Ridderman Oil today!

Our Gas and Fueling Stations Only Serve Quality Lubricant & Fuels

We only work with the highest quality brands of lubricant in the industry at Ridderman Oil. We proudly feature oils from:

  • Kendall®
  • Conoco®
  • Gulf®
  • ProGuard®
  • Rite Lube, and more
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24-Hour Emergency Service

We offer a 24/7 emergency service providing generator fuel for local businessess on Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, such as the local hospital, to ensure these businesses have enough fuel to continue operating until the power comes back on.